”Forme de Robe” Console Table

'Form De Robe' console table
‘Forme De Robe’ console table
'Forme de Robe' console table detail
‘Forme de Robe’ console table detail
'Forme de Robe' Console Table
‘Forme de Robe’ Console Table
'Forme de Robe' half moon Console Table
‘Forme de Robe’ half moon Console Table

I painted this console with Cream and Olive first, but wasn’t happy with appearance then decided on  Coco and Old  white and has been mixing the paint on the piece while painting to vary the colour. I left Olive colour inside the drawer and you can see a bit of cream coming through distressed parts. I applied few layers of paint  to build up the texture.

All decorated surfaces protected with good quality varnishes The whole table protected and aged with clear and dark wax. Heavily distressed.

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